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Your Golf Posture

Here we are looking at posture and common faults associated with posture and how to help alleviate those faults. Below are three posture positions:


Posture 1 is a correct posture, in a comfortable position with a good spine angle and relaxed arm position.
Posture 2 is known as an S-spine posture where the golfer's spine is curved and the posture too rigid.
Posture 3 is known a C-spine posture where the golfer's spine looks like a 'C' and the shoulders are hunched.

The following three sets of exercises: Cats/Dogs, Pelvis Tilt and Squat and Arch all centre on improving mobility and flexibility to allow for better posture.

Cats And Dogs

Goal - This is a great exercise to get the feeling of neutral pelvic posture for addressing the golf ball

Starting Position - Start by getting on to all fours with your shoulders staked in line over your elbow and wrists.

Step by Step Exercise - Rotate your pelvis back and forth until you find the middle, or neutral position. From here draw your belly button in towards your spine hold that feeling of neutral for 10 secs then repeat.

Exercise Tip - Feel your back flattening to find that neutral position


Pelvic Tilts Golf Posture Find Neutral

Goal - This exercise will help you create a better posture when addressing the ball.

Starting Position - Stand with both hands holding your driver head adopting a 5 iron position.

Step by Step Exercise - Arch your back as much as possible and then flatten your back as much as possible. Arch again and then try to find the middle or the neutral position. Hold that position for a count of three then repeat.

Exercise Tip - As you perform the exercise remember to breathe and relax.


Squat And Arch

Goal - This stretch will help to correct a rounded or slouching back, creating a better posture and better shoulder range of motion.

Starting Position - Sit tall on top of the Swiss Ball with your hands by your hips with your eyes looking forwards.

Step by Step Exercise - Sitting on a Swiss ball, place your arms up in the air over your head. Now roll out over the ball until your head gets supported by the ball. Drop your hips down towards the ground into the squat position, then push from your legs and arch back over the ball. Try to keep your spine as close to the ball as possible. Repeat back and forth.

Exercise Tip - Try to use your stomach muscles (core) when moving down and up the ball.


A Slider's Programme (Exercise Hip Twister)

The main focus of the programme is to build great mobility and stability in the lead leg and hip, while at the same time teaching you what it feels like to fire your thorax (trunk) around a stable lead leg.

Goal - The hip twister exercise will encourage upper body and lower half separation.

Starting Position - Standing upright with your knees slightly bent and arms crossed over your chest.

Step by Step Exercise - Get into a good golf posture and try to rotate your lower body only (no shoulder movement). Make sure the movement is rotational and not lateral sway and slide!

Exercise Tip - Perform the exercise slowly and then build up speed, this will help keep your upper half still allowing your lower half to move more freely.


Hip Rotations

Goal - This exercise helps increase the range of motion in your hip joints. While performing hip rotations, remember to keep you stomach drawn in and your back against the ground.

Starting Position - Lie flat on your back with your knees bent and feet separated wider than shoulder width apart.

Step by Step Exercise - Rotate both knees to the right as far as possible, but maintain a stable core and try to keep your back as close to the ground as possible, without your shoulders coming away from the floor. Now rotate knees to the left. Repeat back and forth.

Exercise Tip - Breathe out as you rotate the knees to the floor, try to keep your shoulders flat to the floor.


Single Leg Bridge

Goal -The single leg bridge is a superb exercise for strengthening your gluteals, improving hip extension, and building stability in the core.

Starting Position - start by lying down on your back with your arms crossed over your chest, both knees bent feet flat to the floor.

Step by Step Exercise - Lying flat on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the ground, and knees and feet together. Extend your right knee completely and from here, lift your hips up off the ground using your left glute. Try to maintain a stable pelvis and focus on firing the glute and minimizing the hamstring involvement. Hold for up to 10 seconds and repeat back and forth. Repeat on the other leg.

Exercise Tip - With the leg you are raising squeeze the glute tight. To challenge the exercise lift both arms pointing upwards. Now try closing your eyes!


Hip Twists - Jumping

Goal - This exercise helps develop explosive rotary speed and power in your hips and lower body.
Starting Position - Standing in an upright position place both feet together angle your feet to one side left or right.

Step by Step Exercise - Place your feet together and arms by your sides and then get into a good golf posture. From here, start to jump and rotate your lower body back and forth, without rotating your upper body. Make sure your keep your feet and knees together with each jump.

Exercise Tip - When performing the exercise keep try to land on the same spot every time rather than jumping from side to side.


Press Ups with Rotations

Goal - This exercise develops explosive speed and power in the chest and tricep muscles.

Starting Position - Start in a press up position with your hands shoulder width apart.

Step by Step Exercise - Let your chest move towards the floor allowing your elbows to bend. Push with your arms engaging your stomach muscles to your original position. Now make a rotation with one arm keeping your hand in line with your shoulder. Repeat with the opposite arm.

Exercise Tip -To increase your upper body strength hold your press up position for 5 secs! To challenge the exercise try closing your eyes!



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