Minchinhampton Golf Academy

The upgraded and new look Golf Academy for the next decade ahead opens in March. The Academy is pulling together the combined Skills of Chris Steele, Kevin Brand, Stuart Little and Nic Burrows to give you the best possible experience in Golf Coaching and Club Fitting.

The two coaching rooms combine the technology of high speed video and playback with the Flightscope radar ball launch monitor that can track and asses the flight and distance of the shot. Further skills can be gained by using the Sam putting machine to groove and enhance your putting stroke. A record of your coaching can be taken away on DVD or it can be uploaded to the academy web site where with a password you can review your current and past coaching history.
Golfers of all levels can gain a benefit from coaching given by the academy professionals if your game falls into any of the following categories and you are looking to improve in 2010 then make a call or send us an email to book a lesson to take your game foreword.

Starting Golf:

New to the Game or not played for a few years, this could be ideal to give you a level of competency that makes the game an ongoing better experience.

You can book a single lesson to have a taster of golf before any commitment is make. This in turn can be part of a lesson package of 6 lessons for the Price of 5 that can introduce you to the game or provide a refresher of previous skills that have become rusty. Topics covered include grip, posture, alignment and how they are connected with playing irons, drivers and pitching shots. From this position you can build on your experience with playing lessons and trying some of the more specific intermediate players packages.

Each player is assessed on the first appointment and a programme will be designed to achieve the best results over the number of lessons booked or indicated to have. Records of tuition are retained for future reference and cover written and video notes that you can access in future periods.

After a starting golf experience the academy will issue a ready for golf certificate that will show a level of competency that will allow you to apply for membership at most golf clubs.

Never underestimate the benefits of sound fundamentals for your future golfing enjoyment!

Intermediate Players:

Has the game levelled out in certain areas or are you looking to gain new skills? We have many individual packages that cover specific areas of the game and all of them can be adjusted to suit your game. The following are some recommendations that can be used as part of a lesson package or as a follow on from a game assessment

Improve Your Driving:

This will need 1½ hours tuition to improve your skills with the driver. Areas covered will be ball position and weight distribution at address, to the importance of developing coil and the release of the club head through the ball at impact. Video playback and the Flightscope ball launch monitor are used to enhance the dynamics of swing change. To complete the Driving zone experience we discuss driving strategy and how to choose the correct shot for the hole.
This will benefit the golfer who either lacks the confidence or skills for consistent tee shots or who recognises this part of the game as limiting future lower scores.

Improve Your Short Game:

This requires 1½ hours to cover all aspects of approach play. From chipping, pitching and Sand we cover which is the correct shot for the circumstances. Video playback is used and we discuss the wedges in your bag and how they can perform for you. ,Lob, cut up shots and bad lies are all discussed as is the science of achieving backspin. As an addition we give you a short assessment to evaluate your short game handicap.

Ideal candidates will be players who know that this area is costly to their game and who wish to gain some new skills to lower the scores.

Improve Your Putting:

Just think of the impact of reducing your putts per round from 40 to 34. This single action could reduce your handicap from 20 to 14, consider that! The focus on putting involves 1 hour of coaching targeting grip, posture, alignment and the putting stroke its self. We use a variety of support aids to hasten the grooving of a correct stroke and cover the psychology of holing putts when it matters.

The putting Zone from a coaches perspective is one of the easiest areas to improve a players score. Count up your putts next time, if it's more than 38 then we can definitely help you.

Improve Your Iron Play:

We would all like crisp iron shots struck like Frozen laser beams right on the flag. We can't promise this but we can start you on the road to your aspirations. Good iron play revolves around good swing fundamentals and this area can be used as the building block for all other aspects of the game.

On a basic level coaching is aimed at creating a consistent repeatable ball flight and at a more advanced level we start to talk about creative shot making with fade/draw and high/low shots from a variety of lies. On the equipment front we examine lie angles and shaft suitability with the Flightscope. A good starting point for players of all levels who wish to start on a journey of improvement.

Lowering Your Scores On The Golf Course:

Putting it all together is one of the great skills in golf. When to play the right shot with the most suitable club is an art that has to be learned. The playing zone generally follows tuition on the range and is taken on the golf course in the morning to allow undisturbed play. Two 1 hour lessons are the most productive way to benefit. The best way to approach course management in an attempt to lower the scores.

Junior Golf:

The Academy and Minchinhampton golf club pride its self on the many thousands of golfers who have been introduced to the game through our junior coaching Programmes. For boys and girls of all ages we have a variety of coaching options to suit all levels. For the junior beginner the academy has a number of starter days to give golf a go. As a follow on we have holiday Golf schools and the junior academy. Both allow the youngster to progress under the English Union award scheme to a junior advanced level of play. For individual lessons specific programmes can be designed to maximise a players potential or used as an enhancement to group coaching.

All junior coaching is connected and compatible to Minchinhampton Golf Clubs junior membership scheme. Players achieving a playing standard may join the Sunday afternoon Junior play. This gives a taste of competitive play on the main golf course and an option of full junior membership.

The Golf Club is a holder of a gold standard in junior golf and provides wonderful opportunities for youngsters to play a full part in the activities of a leading golf club. Standards achieved at the academy are recognised at whatever level they chose to play the game at.

Left Handed Golf With Stuart Little:

Stuart Little has played golf at the highest level for over 2 decades with some of the best players in the world. Stuart who as one of the best left handed players in the country is now wanting to share his left handed skills and secrets with other fellow lefties.

The left handed tuition is run along the same options as the right handed options. The difference being that you can have a coach who fully understands the left handed game. Book yourself an opening assessment to find out how best to achieve your improvement and then take advantage of the lesson options and packages to make it a reality.
All aspects of the game are covered and cameras are positioned to view the left handed perspective. From a club fitting option we carry many left handed trial clubs and all clubs can be performance tested with the ball flight launch monitor.

Elite Players:

Between The four Academy Coaches we have over 100 years of golfing knowledge and experience between us. Constantly we are in touch with the ever changing nature of the game and many of the individuals who shape those changes.
Programmes can be devised to work on specific changes Players can take advantage of a players assessment after which a full schedule can be drawn up to ensure improvement and the mechanics to sustain the benefits.

Performance fitting is a great benefit to all players. Better players can gain a greater understanding of the performance of the swing and the clubs used by spending time on the Flightscope launch monitor. There is no commitment to purchase golf clubs and the data recorded is supplied after the fitting.

Performance Fitting:

Finding the right golf swing for you as an individual is essential, as is the fitting of the clubs and equipment that you choose to use. The performance room is set up with the Flightscope ball launch technology. This cutting edge radar can fully track the ball giving essential data of Spin, Ball & clubhead speed, and much more. This data can be used to compare manufactures performances and can help with the understanding of your own swing . This is the same launch monitor that is used by TV operations to illustrate the performance of the tour players.

In the room we have the fit carts of leading manufacturers such as TaylorMade, PING, Callaway and Tour Edge. Due to the flexibility of the fitting system we will be able to provide thousands of combinations of shaft and head to optimise the right one for you.

Players will receive a printed report on the data accumulated during the fitting. Players are not committed to make a purchase but if they do 50% of the fitting fee is refunded of any club and our guarantee of satisfaction applies on all fitted purchases. In some cases it might just prove that the club you have is perfect for you.

All the professionals understand the importance of matching clubs to the player and can provide expert advice on your clubs and there suitability.


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